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Quickly get to know Realtor Tony, professionally and personally.
Work History, Life Experience, Business Ownership,
Hobbies, Hollywood and more. Scroll down and take a quick tour of his life.
Which Real Estate Services does Realtor Tony offer?
Real Estate Agent Tony Ranaudo
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Business Owner

Hospitality & Travel

Tony owned and operated a Hospitality Business in Las Vegas for 10 years called TRENZ Las Vegas. Tony created multi day itineraries for large groups that included Hotel, Limousine Transportation, Shows, Nightlife, Daylife and Dining.

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Tony was a Stand Up Comedian and Character Actor. He opened for George Lopez, Judy Tenuta & Sheryl Underwood. Performed at Comedy Clubs across the country. Tony also had small parts in Soap Operas, Sit-Coms, Nighttime Dramas and Commercials plus several Independent Films.

Workmans tool belt and tools plumbing wrench

Work Experience


Tony's work-life experience includes; Apprentice Plumbing & Heating, Apprentice Electrician, Brick Pavers, Residential Roofer, Banker (Savings & Loan & Credit Union), Hotel (Bookkeeping & Front Desk Mgmt), Mortgage Broker, Salesman, Promoter and Event Coordinator.

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Livin' on the Edge

Tony is always on the lookout for a good adventure, ATV's in the desert, EV Mountain Bikes at Red Rock, Shooting at Sloan, trips to Area 51, Lochness in Scotland and Tony always has time for a good Go Kart Race.

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Stock Market Enthusiast

Presently Tony is a Day Trader, every morning he watches and trades the Stock Market. Tony enjoys following the Economy and it's affect on Market Trends. Small Cap Day Trades, Large Cap Swing Trades based on a Technical approach plus fundamentals.

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Travel Ninja

Tony loves to Travel to new places and experience the culture, the food and the historic sites. He's been to all 50 States, all of Canada, parts of Mexico and 19 countries in Europe. Tony prefers to spend his hard earned money on "Experiences vs Things".

Can you Grill a Steak in your Fireplace?

Tony and Cooking, not the best mix, however, Tony wants to know if it's possible to Grill a Steak in a Fireplace.
Success or Failure? Watch and find out!

Mission Statement

Why did I choose a career in Real Estate? 

The question I am asked often is, "Why am I a Realtor?" Simple, I love helping folks create wealth for themselves and their families with Real Estate. It can be a stream of wealth for generations to come. Investing in Real Estate is a different journey for everyone, so let's sit down, chat it out and find the path for you. Where there's a will, there's a way, I will help you find the way.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” —Amelia Earhart

Frank "Tony" Ranaudo

Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas NV

Tony is a Boots on the Ground Neighborhood Realtor

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