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Skateboard Realtor Tony Ranaudo overlooking desert shores neighborhood in Las Vegas
Skateboard Real Estate Agent Tony Ranaudo riding his skateboard in Desert Shores Las Vegas neighborhood
Skateboard Realtor Tony Ranaudo with skateboard and real estate company polo shirt

Tony Ranaudo is a real estate agent with a unique approach to helping his neighbors. Tony uses an electric skateboard, he calls “RealEskate”, to cruise around Desert Shores, keeping an eye on home values and meeting its residents. Tony is passionate about meeting his neighbors and keeping them up to date on market conditions or answering any questions they might have.

If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent who will go the extra mile, contact Tony today!

Tony's unique approach to Real Estate


Desert Shores Las Vegas neighborhood

“To be ordinary, be normal; to be original, be different; to be valuable, be unique; to be priceless, be yourself.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo ~

Luxury brick home with beautiful landscape
piggy bank tiny house magnifying glass Image by Tierra Mallorca


Selling? What is the value of my home in todays market?

woman researching on laptop computer Image by JESHOOTS.COM


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